The University of Florida is leading the way forward for learners everywhere

To cultivate wide-reaching implications for every member of our society, UF researchers are working at the intersection of data mining, computational psychometrics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to dramatically improve learning outcomes and to transform education, in both concept and practice. 

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UF AI Days @ College of Education

UF AI Days @ College of Education

Researchers from the UF College of Education will showcase how they’re creating the future of teaching and learning on day five of UF AI Days — Friday, October 20.

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Affiliated Labs and Studios

Creative Technology Research Lab (CTRL)

CTRL is an interdisciplinary research lab with collaborators at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. The lab’s primary aim is to investigate how to meaningfully engage all learners in technology-mediated learning, with a focus on computer science and computational thinking.

Dynamic Educational Technology Advancements and Innovations for Learning - College of Education - University of Florida

Dynamic Educational Technology Advancements and Innovations for Learning (DETAIL) Lab

The DETAIL Lab is comprised of forward-thinking doctoral students and candidates at the University of Florida seeking to advance the field of educational technology by pushing the boundaries on a wide range of topics of relevance to both the students and the field.

Equitable Learning Technology Lab (ELTL)

ELTL is at the forefront of inclusive research and design practices, using collaborative, co-designed research with advanced technologies to develop solutions to critical educational and real-world problems facing neurodiverse communities.

Fair Measurement Research Lab - College of Education - University of Florida

Fair Measurement Research Lab

The Fair Measurement Research Lab houses a variety of research projects and studies related to improving fairness in educational assessment, including but not limited to technology-enhanced classroom assessment. By evaluating and aligning measurement research and practices to the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, research in the lab promotes the highest of standards for fair assessment practices that promote equitable learning opportunities for all.

Game-Based Assessment and Measurement in Education Lab - College of Education - University of Florida

Game-Based Assessment and Measurement in Education (GAME) Lab

GAME Lab conducts design-based research on immersive learning environments using techniques such as stealth assessment, data mining and learning analytics, to assess students’ competency levels, predict outcomes and act accordingly, to foster creative skills and STEM-related knowledge.
Neuroscience Applications for Learning Laboratory - College of Education - University of Florida

Neuroscience Applications for Learning Laboratory (NeurAL Lab)

Neuroscience Applications for Learning (NeurAL) Laboratory is an interdisciplinary team of faculty and students who use cognitive, affective and social neuroscience frameworks to explore how people learn with advanced learning technologies. Studies are designed using authentic learning contexts and improve the design and practice of 21st century learning and teaching.


The Investigating Digital Ecologies to Advance Transformative Education (IDEATE) Lab

The IDEATE Lab is an interdisciplinary team of faculty and students who use a human-centered lens to explore digital learning ecologies. Our team utilizes principles of design thinking grounded in reflective inquiry to uncover adaptive and innovative solutions to complex problems within all levels of education. We employ advanced learning analytics techniques to explore the dynamics of these digital spaces and identify, evaluate, and design effective instructional approaches to support student success.

Virtual Learning Lab - College of Education - University of Florida

Virtual Learning Lab (VLL)

The Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) is a research collaboration exploring the potential for precision education to revolutionize teaching and learning.  The team approaches programming for online educational environments in new and innovative ways, with the ultimate goal of improving achievement for all students.  

Plug in to other Florida Universities

The Institute for Online Learning (IOL) is a catalyst for research in online learning happening throughout the State University System of Florida as part of the Florida Board of Governors’ Online Education 2025 Strategic Plan. The institute hosts the Florida Distance Learning Research Consortium to curate and communicate emerging research.

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Faculty and students collaborate with colleagues around the world to facilitate, study and disseminate ways in which learning, design and innovative technologies across contexts can empower educators and learners, and positively impact society.


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Job-embedded, online Computer Science Education programs are designed for K-12 educators seeking to teach evidence-based, equitable and accessible CS curriculum.
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On-campus and online programs are available in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Educational Technology.