Learning experience design (LXD) professional competencies: an exploratory job announcement analysis


The purpose of this study was to explore the competencies of those professionals working in the nascent area of Learning Experience Design (LXD). Following systematic procedures and inspiration from our conceptual framework of LXD that emphasizes knowledge, skill, and ability statements (KSA), we collected and coded N = 388 unique LXD job announcements over a four-month period. Using LXD job announcements as the unit of analysis, this research used a concurrent mixed-methods approach first to qualitatively code LXD job announcements on the presence or absence of a range KSA statements and then used Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) for dichotomously scored data to discern the core competencies required among LXD professionals. Our processes resulted in a total of 69 knowledge statements, 38 skills statements, and 72 ability statements. Our findings unveil core competencies across the KSA domains such as knowledge of multimedia production technologies and software, emerging technology design and development skills, and the ability to apply human-centered design to create learning products and experiences. We discuss our findings in relation to the more established domain of instructional design (ID) and present potentially unique facets of LXD in this regard. Limitations and delimitations are provided along with closing remarks.


Xiaoman Wang
University of Florida

Matthew Schmidt
University of Georgia

Albert Ritzhaupt
University of Florida

Jie Lu
Oklahoma State University

Rui Tammy Huang
University of Florida

Minyoung Lee
University of Florida