Stealth Assessment and Digital Learning Game Design


Stealth assessment is an innovative way to measure a set of student competencies through gameplay. The process starts with a competency model that is comprised of everything you want to measure during the assessment, the theoretical concepts being assessed. The competency model is the glue of the stealth assessment, as alignment of the task model and evidence model to the competency model is key to creating a valid stealth assessment. The following chapter examines the different design challenges and approaches used for creating and implementing a stealth assessment through the lens of two design cases. In the first case, a stealth assessment is implemented into an already developed game. In the second case, a stealth assessment is being expanded and a new competency model is needed to represent the expanded content. The chapter concludes with a discussion comparing the two approaches to implementing stealth assessment and implications for future design.


Ginny L. Smith
Florida State University

Valerie J. Shute
Florida State University

Seyedahmad Rahimi
University of Florida 

Chih-Pu Dai
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Renata Kuba