The Intersection of Equity Pedagogy and Technology Integration in Preservice Teacher Education: A Scoping Review


Teacher education programs play a crucial role in developing teachers’ equity/social justice mindsets and technology integration knowledge and expertise. Scholars have advocated for merging these two areas to support common curricular goals and access unique learning benefits. However, little is known about how equity pedagogy and technology integration intersect in preservice teacher (PST) education. This scoping review aims to expand knowledge and understanding at this intersection with the goal of developing a foundation for future research and practice. Findings revealed that relevant studies focused on two main styles of pedagogy: (a) leveraging technology to teach about equity and social justice (i.e., tech-infused equity pedagogy), and (b) adopting a critical stance toward technology’s roles in schools and society (i.e., digital equity pedagogy). We provide a detailed description of these pedagogies and present useful systems of classification for related studies. We also present key implications of this work for PST education practice, policy, and scholarship.


Lauren Weisberg
University of Florida 

Elizabeth A. Roumell
University of Florida